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 What better way to end a ride than with a refreshing beverage? WiseCracker bike-mounted bottle openers are a constant reminder of the cold beverage waiting for you at the end of your ride. Made in the USA out of a variety materials and finishes, WiseCracker is the perfect accessory for your bicycle.

Industry Outsider Review: At first glance, the quality of finish, durability of the opener, and attention to detail really caught my eye. Showing WiseCracker’s products to my mountain biking friends, colleagues, and even my bike mechanic, they all agree the WC Seatpost & WC Lite is a must have.


Examiner: Most of us have been there, and we've all been slightly embarrassed by it: we're out on our bikes and somebody passes around some bottles of liquid refreshment, but nobody has a bottle opener. Now San Jose frame builder Mike Ahrens has devised a solution that will solve this problem forever.

Customer Testimonials

  • "I love bikes and I love beer. I love WiseCracker." (Matt B)
  • "Just passed along your website to an avid biker co- worker who saw the WiseCracker and said he LOVES it... Congrats on your success!!" (Carrie Z)
  • "Has served me well not only in the US, but South Africa (Cape Epic) and Canada (BC Bike Race)! Crack open a bottle, crack up a few friends, and make new ones!" (Steve W)
  • "Just ordered 4 for my other bikes!" (Brett D)
  • "Because Beer Can't Open Itself." (Dave V)


Get 10% off with discount code: WC10


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