The WiseCracker LITE is our most popular product offering. It replaces a standard 1-1/8" headset spacer common to most modern bicycles and installation is very fast.  Please support your local shop if you have any confusion with the instructions.  



WiseCracker LITE Headset Spacer Installation:


  1. Remove headset top cap
  2. Remove stem
  3. Remove (1) headset spacer and install the WiseCracker opener.  (Note: Chris King headsets come with a thin, white plastic spacer to reduce headset creaking noise. Installing the WiseCracker over this white spacer will enable your opener to swivel!)
  4. Re-install stem
  5. Re-install headset top cap
  6. Center handlebars/stem/opener
  7. Verify stem/headset/fork assembly has no play
  8. Properly tighten and torque all mounting hardware
  9. Grab a beer (or soda) and open it using your brand new WiseCracker
  10. Relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life