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Mike Ahrens

(408) 410-8089

 Ken Ahrens

(404) 545-0843



Brothers Mike and Ken have a passion for well-designed, high quality, made in America bottle openers. Mike originally launched the WiseCracker product line as part of Ahrens Bicycles in 2006 to great success.  Given the popularity of the WiseCracker bottle openers, they chose to launch as an independent business in 2014.

(Ken, Mike, and sister/product tester Elizabeth) 

Mike is a skilled Mechanical Engineer with a background in product development. He holds several patents and enjoys working with a variety of materials but especially metal. He is the heart behind WiseCracker and is constantly coming up with new ideas for products and uses.

Ken is a Software Engineer with a background in application development. He loves creating structure and has joined WiseCracker to help take the product to the next level.