WiseCracker for Bike Shops

How many times during a ride have you been dreaming about your post-ride cold beer? How early in the ride does that day-dreaming start? With a WiseCracker Bottle Opener, even a mid-ride restorative brewskie will be possible.

Whatever bikes we ride, whatever terrain we prefer, one thing just about every cyclist can agree on is a cold beer afterwards is essential. Your customers have all had that “do I need to use my pedal to open my beer?” experience. With the WiseCracker Bottle Opener installed on their headset, or even just hooked on a key chain or tool kit, every thirsty pedal pusher can enjoy of cold one after a ride.




Why WiseCracker?

If all your customers have been there and bought the t-shirt, you’ll want to try a new way to connect with them. The WiseCracker bottle opener can be ordered wholesale, or better still, you can order your own branded shop version to create that extra connection with regular and new customers alike.

There are a variety of material options, to fit either 1 1/8” headsets, or if you roll with a cruiser, there is also a 1” version. Whether made from Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Titanium, these bottle openers will stand the test of time.Freebees and cool knickknacks go a long way toward building customer loyalty, and then if you can have the shop mechanic actually install the opener on the bike, you can make it all-fun and no hassle for your valued customer. Hell, even grab out a few beers from the shop fridge to demonstrate, and kick the evening off in style.

How to make it happen?

Having a branded WiseCracker will be a great way to keep your shop in the minds of your target audience. With a low investment you can get the high returns of showing you have a sense of humor and good taste by foregoing the hackneyed tee-shirt idea, and offering something as simple, elegant, utilitarian, and even multi-purposed as a made-for-the-bike bottle opener.

As the perfect low-price, impulse purchase option, the WiseCracker Bottle Opener will maintain a daily connection with your customer while remaining useful and fun.

Twin Six Custom Opener 

By filling out the form here, you can get added to our WiseCracker B2B site, and signify whether you want to have an official branded version for your shop with your logo or desired text. 

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