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WiseCracker LITEs are Coming! August 14 2008

After recent WiseCracker press in Mountain Flyer magazine and Cycling News, orders have been streaming in for the WiseCracker LITE. Weighing in at less than 16 grams, it's "worth it's weight in gold" according to one rider.
As a result of this peaked interest, we're in the process of machining a huge batch of parts.....the box below is packed full with over 1300 parts! The profile of each bottle opener is cut using a water jet at Aqua Jet in Livermore, CA. This method aims at minimizing waste during the machining process by 'nesting' as many parts as possible into one sheet of material. After water jet cutting, the parts are then tumble-deburred, hard anodized, laser marked and packaged for shipment.

If you've been thinking about ordering custom parts for your club, team or business, please contact us for more info. Below is a sample produced for Charlie the BikeMonger, a single-speed shop in the UK.

News: CyclingNews August 03 2008


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Ahrens' Wisecracker Lite is somewhat unusual for us in that it not only does nothing to improve your bike's performance but actually adds weight (albeit only 14g). Nevertheless, some riders will undoubtedly consider its cleverly integrated bottle opener a 'must have' accessory anyway. Simply replace one of your standard 1 1/8" headset spacers with this widget and enjoy hour after hour of your favorite frothy beverage. Ah… tasty.

WiseCracker LITE March 03 2008

The WiseCracker LITE mounts to any 1-1/8" steer tube just like a traditional headset spacer. The only difference is that it opens bottles! I introduced this product during NAHBS and sold almost all of my samples in two days!
  • Material = 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Weight = 14g
  • Stack Height = 4.3mm


WiseCracker POP Display April 11 2007

Going to Sea Otter? If so, be sure to check out the WiseCracker 'point of purchase' display at the Vanderkitten booth. POP Display's Features:
  • 8020 aluminum extrusion structure
  • Small footprint saves counter space
  • 24 unit capacity as shown
  • Left side holds 27.2mm post with deme WiseCracker installed
  • Top surface holds 1-1/8" steer tube version and custom headset cap
  • Right side displays your favorite beer in a King Cage
  • Marketing sign is clearly visible when placed on top surface
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware

News: Singletrack at NAHBS April 10 2007

From Singletrack Magazine's coverage of the NAHBS:
(Unfortunately they no longer have the article from 2007 on their site)
"Ahrens had a display of steel and aluminium bikes on show, with geared and singlespeed bikes, all with wishbone yokes (welded on the steel bikes and machined on the alloy ones). He also makes seatpost, and steerer, mounted bottle openers for those after-ride celebrations. Not a bad headset spacer, eh?"

Fanmail: WiseCrackers at QBP April 02 2007

Ahrens Bicycles is proud to announce that Quality Bicycle Products is now distributing the WiseCracker bottle opener! QBP sells to over 5,000 US bike shops and it's exciting to work with such a respected industry player. We've been working hard to package and ship hundreds of units as you can see below.....my dining room table has been overtaken by this great little product!
Here's what people are saying:
"Thank you for one of the greatest inventions in all of beerkind and to improve my bike riding skills."
-Bill in New York
"It looks good, quality is top notch and the machining looks great!!"
-Josh in Iowa
"I will spread the lore of the WiseCracker to all, and do everything I can to convince my friends that anyone without a WiseCracker should be the one to buy the post-ride beers next time."
-Jim in New Mexico
"All hail the WiseCracker."

-Min in New York

News: MtnBikeRiders.com Review February 22 2007


Just like what Ahrens Bicycle said "mountain biking and beer go together hand-in-hand". There's nothing more relaxing than a good ride and a great beer to follow. Ahrens Bicycle’s WiseCracker simplifies this process. It's a great addition to my bike. It’s a shame this feature doesn't come standard on all mountain bikes.

NAHBS Press Release December 12 2006

December 12, 2006

Ahrens Bicycles continues to merge the science and art of frame building to create custom mountain bike solutions in both steel and aluminum. We are very excited to showcase our current projects at the 2007 NAHBS next March in our own hometown. Our booth will include new frame designs as well as frame building components that other builders can utilize. Each concept below is developed using advanced 3D modeling software to guarantee only precise, high-quality products are created. This technique differentiates Ahrens Bicycles from other small frame builders and we will continue to invest in technology to advance our frame designs even further!

Frame Concepts for 2007

Single Speed Mountain Frame: 7005 aluminum frame with sliding dropouts. This unique frame design can accommodate both 26” and 29” wheels and can be setup for many different riding applications (mountain bike, commuter bike, single-speed, geared, disc brake, non-disc brake, etc)
Vanderkitten Hardtail: Offered in both steel and 7005 aluminum, these frames feature women-specific geometry and specialized color scheme developed by 
Vanderkitten, a Bay Area apparel company making clothing for ‘girls who kick ass’

7005 Aluminum Frame Building Components

Sliding Disc Dropouts: Hooded dropout body with replaceable sliders (disc, non-disc, geared). Can be used for mountain, road, fixed or track bike frames
10mm Rear Dropouts: Feature ‘radially hooded surfaces’ for easy chainstay and seatstay tube attachment
Refined Yoke Designs: Offer torsional flexibility in the rear triangle to improve frame compliance and responsiveness. The lower yoke is now offered in a 29” version and it features improved rear tire clearance, pre-mitered tubing attachment surfaces and reduced weight

WiseCracker Bottle Opener 

The WiseCracker mounts directly to your seat post or steer tube (where it serves as a headset spacer). Since the opener attaches directly to the bike, riders can enjoy their favorite beverage on the trail or after any ride. At only 36 grams, it’s worth its weight in gold and has been called ‘the best invention in all of beerkind’ by its users

  • Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, the final product is hard black anodized and has a laser marked finish. Customization is available on higher volume orders.

  • Since its debut at Interbike 2006, this product is gaining traction in the market and will be distributed through QBP in early 2007

Radioactive WiseCracker November 28 2006

Gotta Love Photoshop

Interbike 2006 October 01 2006

Last week was Interbike 2006 in Las Vegas and my friend Rob and I gladly made the trek to view the industry's latest creations. The composite advancements are truly awesome - in fact there was a seven pound fixed-gear road bike at the True Temper booth that was sick. And Felt's new 4-bar dually was also unbelievable....and I can't forget about the freeride bike from Scott with tons of travel and full-composite construction. I'm a big fan of Hope's product line and their new disc brake rotor is an engineering feat. Made from (2) thin pieces of stainless steel, air is trapped between each side of the assembly for better cooling - truly innovative and I can't wait to try these out.

Most of this trip was spent seeing new stuff, promoting the WiseCracker bottle opener and of course drinking beer. I selectively dropped samples off at key magazines and even got to chat with Richard Cunningham from MBA for a while. We talked about my new dual-suspension design and the small builder perspective. Jeremy Sycip was nice enough to mount a WiseCracker to a townie bike he was showing. The WiseCrackers got great feedback from consumers, bike shop owners, reps and magazine editors - I expect that in the next few months orders will be flowing! Below are some photos:


6-Pack September 20 2006

Hot off the laser marker - WiseCracker bottle openers are now available!

MTB + Beer = Heaven September 15 2006

Who doesn't enjoy a cold one after a long ride...or during the ride for that matter? With that in mind, I've been trying to incorporate a bottle opener into one of my machined frame components for quite some time. But I could never get the geometry to look right - either too bulky, hard to access or just plain ugly.

And then it dawned on me, why not make a bottle opener that mounts directly to your seat post? Similar to a seat clamp but adjustable in height for different frame sizes...and beer bottle sizes! Below are images of my newest invention, the WiseCracker Bottle Opener (was previously called the Wiseass opener).

Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with a hard black anodized finish, these babies take less than five minutes to install - even for the novice bike mechanic that's already had a few. The first prototypes are machined to fit 27.2mm posts and 30.9mm and 31.6mm versions are in the works. Kick back, relax and enjoy a cold brew on your next ride with your constant companion - the WiseCracker bottle opener!


-Patent Pending-

For Sale Fall 2006