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Fanmail: Shimano XTR May 04 2011

WiseCracker Family Reunion April 06 2011

It's been five years since the first WiseCracker bottle opener was machined and introduced to the bike market. This unique product enjoys continued success and ships all over the world to beer drinking bike riders everywhere. Just in time for warm weather riding, I've decided to offer a more complete range of WiseCrackers for your alcohol consuming enjoyment. Each version of the WiseCracker is proudly manufactured in the USA using only domestic materials and processes.
As Henry Ford said, "It's offered in any color - so long as it's black." Why not other colors? The aluminum bottle openers are hard black anodized for durability; this plating process builds a thick oxidation layer that penetrates the part to protect it from damage during use. Hard anodizing produces a surface ~10X harder than conventional, colored anodizing. Hard anodizing colors range from light brown to black, so I use black since it matches nearly everything. Colored anodizing creates a very thin oxidation layer and although this finish looks attractive, it offers no long-term durability in terms of wear. And for a small company like mine, there are just too many anodizing color choices to inventory. Each version of the WiseCracker can be custom laser-marked for your shop, club, team, event, etc for a reasonable price.
Product Range
WiseCracker PRO, 1.5" clamp, Bike Repair Stand Version
WiseCracker ORIGINAL, 27.2mm clamp, Seat Post Version
WiseCracker LITE, 1-1/8" Headset Spacer
WiseCracker SOLO, 1" Headset Spacer
New for 2011
WiseCracker LITE Stainless, 1-1/8" Headset Spacer
This version is water-jet cut from a sheet of stainless steel. It is low profile and weighs the same as its aluminum cousin, 16 grams.
FACT: (1) 12 oz beer = 340 grams = (21) WiseCracker LITE openers
MuttCracker Dog Tag
The MuttCracker will turn your pet into a mobile beer-opening mammal. It's permanently laser marked with your pet's name, contact number, etc. The MuttCracker is the brainchild of my very smart dog-owner friends, Lee and Donna, and both are also proud owners of handmade frames from Ahrens Bicycles. This version is also water-jet cut from a sheet of stainless steel and weighs in at a svelte 18 grams.

Bottle Cap Board July 05 2010

Greg from Carmel (Indiana, not Cali) sent me a picture of the 'bottle cap board' he's creating. I love it and if I was making one, it would be full of Newcastle caps! Cheers.

New WiseCracker Colors May 13 2010

I'm now offering the popular WiseCracker LITE in natural silver, black anodize and limited edition white. I expect to update the webstore shortly to reflect these choices.

News: WiseCracker Video by Cycle Jerk March 22 2010

Here is a funny WiseCracker video sent to me by Cycle Jerk who says it's "A forehead slappingly brilliant idea! Great Job." It's really the simplest upgrade you can make to your bike...

News: Bike Snob Stem Stolen! March 07 2010

Very sorry to hear that the Bike Snob's bars/stem/etc were stolen earlier today... At least he could see the bright side: "Naturally, I was shocked when first viewing the crime scene, though my concern subsided when I noticed that the thief had left the bottle-opening capabilities of the bike intact."

News: Bike Snob Review February 08 2010

I recently sent a WiseCracker LITE to the Bike Snob for review....as usual his commentary is classic and you can check out the full posting here.
My favorite line is below:

"Yes, I am now the proud owner of bottle opener with a bike around it."

Titanium WiseCracker November 29 2009

We're teaming up with Paragon Machine Works to produce a very limited run of titanium WiseCracker LITE bottle openers for the holidays. These will be sized to fit any 1-1/8" steer tube and will come with a lightly polished finish.

Fanmail: El Mariachi November 19 2009

First email I read this morning.....
Received my Wise Cracker and it’s ready to go!
Looks awesome and works great!
The El Mariachi is a “complete” bike now.
Thanks, Bill

Made in USA October 17 2009

A new batch of WiseCracker LITE bottle openers is on the way.....100% made in the USA!

News: Mountain Bike Action Press August 20 2009

The WiseCracker LITE (1-1/8" version) and new WiseCracker SOLO (1" version) made it into the Quick Release section of Mountain Bike Action (October 2009 issue). Just in time for Interbike next month, the timing is excellent for extra industry exposure. Prost!


WiseCracker for Fixies May 21 2009

We're running a test batch of WiseCracker LITE bottle opener/headset spacers for 1" forks. These will be called WiseCracker SOLO and should be available on the website shortly. Aimed at the popular single-speed/fixed-gear market, I've already received a few dozen pre-orders which bodes well for future production. Here are the key features:
  • Machined in the USA from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • 1" [25.4mm] headset spacer
  • 0.197" [5.0mm] stack height
  • Weight 18 grams
Here are some pics from the manufacturing process. The part's inside and outside profiles are CNC-machined out of a 1/4" thick sheet of material on one machine. Both surfaces of the sheet are machined to meet the final part thickness requirement of 0.197" [5.0mm].
Individual parts are then loaded into a second machine to add the chamfer feature onto the lip of the bottle opener. This step is critical to guarantee the bottle opener works every time you want to open a beer!
Parts are then sanded and deburred to remove any sharp edges left over from the machining process. Damn I love metal working!