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Jingle Bells WiseCracker Style December 08 2014

When you're trying to get your company going your kids are often curious about what is going on. Mike and I are both fathers of young children. Sometimes they want to figure out how they can get involved and help. My daughter Nora loves her carols and enjoyed the "Batman Smells" version of Jingle Bells:

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Ken Ahrens

Team CoreCo fatbike racer Jeff Herrera Interview November 19 2014

One of our new WiseCracker custom opener customers is Team CoreCo, a fatbike team out of Costa Rica. Their captain, Jeff Herrera, won the fatbike division of La Ruta De Los Conquistadores on a sweet Borealis Yampa. It just happens to also be outfitted with a nice bottle opener as well.

At 2:50 he points out "the most important element" of his bike is the WiseCracker!

Courtesy dirtwire.tv:


Triple In Development October 30 2014

After the success of the double-headed Twinduro and inspired by the big win by the San Francisco Giants, I decided to start putting together a design for the 3-headed bottle opener.

Twinduro in development June 18 2014

Double your pleasure - two beers are better than one! Perfect for double-fisting after your ride or opening a beer for yourself and that special someone you meet on the trail. The WiseCracker TwinDuro titanium bottle openers have arrived. Our new online store is coming soon, in the meantime PM me if you want one since many are already spoken for...


Twinduro Prototype Twinduro Design

Fans Speak Up About WiseCracker June 06 2014

"I love bikes and I love beer. I love WiseCracker."
- Matt B.
"Just passed along your website to an avid biker co- worker who saw the WiseCracker and said he LOVES it and will be purchasing one soon (betting his brother buys at least one too). I'll contact you later for commission haha. Congrats on your success!!"
- Carrie Z.
"Has served me well not only in the US, but South Africa (Cape Epic) and Canada (BC Bike Race)! Crack open a bottle, crack up a few friends, and make new ones!"
- Steve W.
"Just ordered 4 for my other bikes!"
- Brett D.
"Because Beer Can't Open Itself."
- Dave V.
- Dave V.
"Shut the front door! My brother needs this."
- Heather H.
"I am not one for a quote, but the wisecracker line is well made, Mike delivers on time, communication is straight forward, they sell well, I really don't know that anything else is needed."
- Will P.
"My goto bottle opener at home."
- Ivan W.
"Is motivating to see the bottle opener in front of the bike, the motivation to finish the ride and enjoy a good beer"
- Cesar M.
"Cycling is not about bikes, it's about food, beer and friends. Look at the stats of one bike ride: 1 bike, 4 hills, 2 beaches, 2 cakes, 4 beers, 2 pies, 3 friends, 5 silly skids, 2 crashes, 3 jumping in puddles and splashing your mates... And ONLY ONE BIKE."

- Charlie H.


Ceramic Coating Experiment May 23 2014

Ceramic coating is key to having a greater variety of WiseCracker colors. Stay tuned!


Fanmail: Cesar from Mexico May 12 2014

Thanks Mike for creating this awesome products! — at La Haciendita camino a Majalca.


News: Slowtwitch Notices WiseCracker April 14 2014

Full article here: We Noticed
You don't have to be a wise cracker to appreciate this bottle opener from Ahrens Bicycles that fits on a variety of rides. Available in selected colors, stainless steel and titanium, one would think that you can find an offering that suits your personal taste and bike theme. We could also suggest a beer carrier appropriate for your bike but shall keep that to ourselves for another edition of What We Have Noticed. We however have not inquired with USAT and WTC to see if they are race approved. 

Fanmail: Cheers from Brazil April 09 2014

Never too early... September 11 2013

To start your Christmas shopping!

Fanmail: bikemonger August 29 2013

WiseCracker - they have man uses

That should say - they have *MANY* uses!

Fanmail: Happy 4th of July July 04 2013

Thank you Travis for this great picture!