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News: Slowtwitch Notices WiseCracker April 14 2014

Full article here: We Noticed
You don't have to be a wise cracker to appreciate this bottle opener from Ahrens Bicycles that fits on a variety of rides. Available in selected colors, stainless steel and titanium, one would think that you can find an offering that suits your personal taste and bike theme. We could also suggest a beer carrier appropriate for your bike but shall keep that to ourselves for another edition of What We Have Noticed. We however have not inquired with USAT and WTC to see if they are race approved. 

News: Bike Rumor Titanium WiseCracker for Light Beer June 12 2012

Bike Rumor


Ahrens Cycles, which offered up the WiseCracker bottle opener in the form of a headset spacer, is now making it available in a sub-10 gram weight 6/4 titanium version.
They’re machined from a solid sheet of Ti, bead blasted, then etched with their logo... As Mike Ahrens says, they’re lighter than some alloy spacers that don’t have any special skills.

News: Bike Rumor finds WiseCracker December 14 2011

Wisecracker is a clever little bottle opener. It comes in versions to mount to your seatpost, workstand or downhill fork stanchion. Why?
“Because beer can’t open itself.”

News: WiseCracker Video by Cycle Jerk March 22 2010

Here is a funny WiseCracker video sent to me by Cycle Jerk who says it's "A forehead slappingly brilliant idea! Great Job." It's really the simplest upgrade you can make to your bike...

News: Bike Snob Stem Stolen! March 07 2010

Very sorry to hear that the Bike Snob's bars/stem/etc were stolen earlier today... At least he could see the bright side: "Naturally, I was shocked when first viewing the crime scene, though my concern subsided when I noticed that the thief had left the bottle-opening capabilities of the bike intact."

News: Bike Snob Review February 08 2010

I recently sent a WiseCracker LITE to the Bike Snob for review....as usual his commentary is classic and you can check out the full posting here.
My favorite line is below:

"Yes, I am now the proud owner of bottle opener with a bike around it."

News: Mountain Bike Action Press August 20 2009

The WiseCracker LITE (1-1/8" version) and new WiseCracker SOLO (1" version) made it into the Quick Release section of Mountain Bike Action (October 2009 issue). Just in time for Interbike next month, the timing is excellent for extra industry exposure. Prost!


News: CyclingNews August 03 2008


(Scroll down to the bottom for the review)

Ahrens' Wisecracker Lite is somewhat unusual for us in that it not only does nothing to improve your bike's performance but actually adds weight (albeit only 14g). Nevertheless, some riders will undoubtedly consider its cleverly integrated bottle opener a 'must have' accessory anyway. Simply replace one of your standard 1 1/8" headset spacers with this widget and enjoy hour after hour of your favorite frothy beverage. Ah… tasty.

News: Singletrack at NAHBS April 10 2007

From Singletrack Magazine's coverage of the NAHBS:
(Unfortunately they no longer have the article from 2007 on their site)
"Ahrens had a display of steel and aluminium bikes on show, with geared and singlespeed bikes, all with wishbone yokes (welded on the steel bikes and machined on the alloy ones). He also makes seatpost, and steerer, mounted bottle openers for those after-ride celebrations. Not a bad headset spacer, eh?"

News: MtnBikeRiders.com Review February 22 2007


Just like what Ahrens Bicycle said "mountain biking and beer go together hand-in-hand". There's nothing more relaxing than a good ride and a great beer to follow. Ahrens Bicycle’s WiseCracker simplifies this process. It's a great addition to my bike. It’s a shame this feature doesn't come standard on all mountain bikes.