Support Small Business November 24 2015

We're damn proud that WiseCracker is a family-owned small business. Since we launched on our new site last year, Mike and I have been having a blast making high quality products and delivering exceptional service. In the US, small businesses employ over half of Americans, and since 1990 although large companies have eliminated 4 million jobs, small companies have added 8 million new jobs. The small business is a powerful engine of the US economy. (Source: SBA Small Business Trends)

As we get close to the holiday season, folks will be buying all kinds of gifts for family, friends or even the gift exchange at work. We wanted to recognize a couple of companies that we really admire, if you're looking for something really unique or made with exceptional quality, consider the following companies.

Pedal Happy Design

Scott is an amazing leather worker. If you know someone who loves to bike and loves craft beer, you can't go wrong with the bike-mounted growler holder. The quality on Pedal Happy products is second to none, Scott even helped us hand stitch the leather handles that go onto the Duke handheld opener we released this year.


The guys at BELCH know how to have fun and don't take life too seriously. My favorite design of theirs is the "Ride Beer, Drink Bikes" shirt that I wear constantly. BELCH is about real people who want to get out and have fun with friends. Check them out and definitely read their story.

Charlie the Bikemonger (UK)

Hands down one of the most interesting people we've worked with in the bike world is Charlie "the Bikemonger" Hobbs. He loves being outdoors, whether it's surfing or MTB or getting knarly on his singlespeed, and is a big proponent of the fatbike segment. His shop serves much of Western Europe from Swanage on the Southern tip of the UK.

Drake's Brewing Company (San Leandro, CA)

One of Mike's favorite breweries, Drake's initially kicked off during the micro-brew explosion of the late 80's. Nowadays they are known for their California inspired beers that are heavy in flavor. If you're over in the East Bay, check them out for an afternoon brewery tour, or perhaps next time you're at the bottle shop treat yourself to one of their award-winning local brews.

Jekyll Brewing (Alpharetta, GA)

A local go-to favorite in the Atlanta area is Jekyll Brewing, named after an Island off the coast of Georgia. The 'Merican Amber Ale is one to always keep in the fridge (it can be difficult, they go quickly). Their beers used to be a littler harder to find, but fortunately business is going well and you can now find them in the supermarket as well as the package shop. Tours are available Tuesday through Saturday, it's great to see how they grow over time.

Small Business

These are some fun companies that we really admire. With over 28 million small businesses in the US alone, there are plenty to choose from. So this holiday season when you're thinking about giving a gift that is unique or of exceptional quality, think about a small business as well.