It's March, we're bored, here's a bunch of new products March 14 2015

We're having a blast in 2015 freezing our tails off and getting ourselves ready for Spring. Soon we will be slaying the trails with the latest bike gear and all the bottle openers you can handle. For example, this recent build-out features 3 WiseCrackers that would let you open 4 bottles at the same time (thanks to the Twinduro double opener action!).


These new products below are available in the WiseCracker Lifestyle Collection !

For those who want to represent the WiseCracker tribe when out and about, we are now offering a few hat options. If you don't like freezing your ears off, grab one of these cool new beanies (available in pink and black).


If you're worried about helmet hair after your ride, you may want to pick up one of these FlexFit hats featuring the classic WiseCracker name on the front and the American Flag on the back.


Finally, for those who want to ride over to a friend's house and bring some beer as well, we have a hand-crafted leather bomber holder so everyone can enjoy the latest craft beer discovery. As always, don't drink and ride!


And just to top things off we had a couple of other minor additions as well. We added additional bike grip combo packs and a new combo pack for bullet valve covers along with a matching WC Lite opener.