Fans Speak Up About WiseCracker June 06 2014

"I love bikes and I love beer. I love WiseCracker."
- Matt B.
"Just passed along your website to an avid biker co- worker who saw the WiseCracker and said he LOVES it and will be purchasing one soon (betting his brother buys at least one too). I'll contact you later for commission haha. Congrats on your success!!"
- Carrie Z.
"Has served me well not only in the US, but South Africa (Cape Epic) and Canada (BC Bike Race)! Crack open a bottle, crack up a few friends, and make new ones!"
- Steve W.
"Just ordered 4 for my other bikes!"
- Brett D.
"Because Beer Can't Open Itself."
- Dave V.
- Dave V.
"Shut the front door! My brother needs this."
- Heather H.
"I am not one for a quote, but the wisecracker line is well made, Mike delivers on time, communication is straight forward, they sell well, I really don't know that anything else is needed."
- Will P.
"My goto bottle opener at home."
- Ivan W.
"Is motivating to see the bottle opener in front of the bike, the motivation to finish the ride and enjoy a good beer"
- Cesar M.
"Cycling is not about bikes, it's about food, beer and friends. Look at the stats of one bike ride: 1 bike, 4 hills, 2 beaches, 2 cakes, 4 beers, 2 pies, 3 friends, 5 silly skids, 2 crashes, 3 jumping in puddles and splashing your mates... And ONLY ONE BIKE."

- Charlie H.