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How many times during a ride have you been dreaming about your post-ride cold beer? How early in the ride does that day-dreaming start? With a WiseCracker Bottle Opener, even a mid-ride restorative brewskie will be possible.

Whatever bikes we ride, whatever terrain we prefer, one thing just about every cyclist can agree on is a cold beer afterwards is essential. Your customers have all had that “do I need to use my pedal to open my beer?” experience. With the WiseCracker Bottle Opener installed on their headset, or even just hooked on a key chain or tool kit, every thirsty pedal pusher can enjoy of cold one after a ride.

Bottle Opener

WiseCracker is a family-owned business run by kooky brothers Mike and Ken. We are passionate about product design and durability - products that are beautiful to look at, simple to use, and will last for years. That's why all of our openers are made of top notch materials: aluminum, titanium and stainless steel. And we manufacture everything in USA, from machining to finishes and laser engraving.

You may have seen us around on various magazines or sites, we're proud to have been noticed all around the world and hope to be part of your ride.